When Kathy Caldwell, wedding planner from Loretta’s Catering inn Jonesboro, approached us to be the designers for a traditional week long celebration filled with traditions from India and faithful to the Hindu wedding ceremony, we were thrilled. The family left many of the design decisions to us, which thrilled our designer souls. It was an amazing week.

Celebrating their 25th year of the evening of music event, Posey Peddler helped create an elegant evening filled with friends and co-workers. Polished silver urns and rhinestone orbs were filled with an eclectic mix of Dutch tulips, garden roses, orchids and sweet William. Silver and rhinestone adorned each creation. Our Prop House bowls were filled with refreshing orbs of red carnations. A windswept mantiza tree held orange callas. Something “different, something eclectic…something to talk about”. That was our goal and creation for this wonderful annual event.

Casey and Tyler wedding day was perfection from the beginning beautiful spring morning to the evening’s end filled with friends and family. Married in the Southwest church surrounded by Casey and Tyler’s choice of the prettiest pink and milky cream blooms we could gather- their day reflected the sweetness of a couple truly in love. We were so pleased to be a part of their celebration.

This summer’s day wedding was simply fun to create. Its always a challenge to transform a gymnasium into a beautiful room but we did it! Pipe and drape was hung from the railings, rented chandeliers were hung and tables were covered with cloths. The power of glorious green flowers completed the transformation.